With everything going on at the moment things are changing daily. I'm doing my best to self isolate as much as I can as we're currently caring for our 93 year old grandma. I won't be able to post deliveries out daily at the moment but I will be doing one possibly two postage days a week.


The next postal day will be Tuesday 30th June - any orders placed before 2pm on Sunday 27th will be on this postal run. I'll be using a 'Door to Door' service for orders over 2kg meaning that the courier will collect your orders from my doorstep so I won't have to leave the house. All orders under 2kg will be delivered via Royal Mail Click & Drop so all I'll need to do is drop your orders off and run! Ha! I believe that postal staff for the Royal Mail are knocking your door and leaving your deliveries on the doorstep so that you won't have to make any contact - they've even signing for post on your behalf.  


I'm going to take things day by day so if anything changes and your orders are affected then I will let you know via email so please make sure your contact details are correct on your order. There's going to be delays as every service right now is under strain so if your order is later than expected please do be patient.


I can't tell you how much I appreciate your orders at the moment but please put your own health first. I will still be here when all of this is over!


And a little mental health note.... We are all overwhelmed and worried right now and sometimes it can feel just too much but please please please remember that you are not alone. If you'd just like a little chat I'm at the end of the phone or email. Look after yourselves, love Claire xxx