Misfits: Our Misfits range includes all spools and cakes that have slight issues with them. Please make sure you read the full description before purchasing as these products are none refundable. 


100% Premium Cotton

4mm Cord (Approx) - Single Twist 



*These Misfit Spools are a gorgeous maroon colour. There's nothing wrong with them, they just don't match the expected shade. I have 3 of these from the same dye batch. The cord has been spun too tightly which has flattened the cord slightly and lost its twist. When spooled off and left for a little while it puffs back up but the twist is still loose.*


Our premium quality 100% cotton cord is not only incredibly soft and stunning to look at but also extremely versatile and a dream to knot with. The make up of our cord is single twist which makes it so easy to comb out!


Our cotton cord is made right here in the UK so you're not only supporting our little independent business you're also supporting a family run UK manufacturer.

Maroon - Misfit

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