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Have you seen my mojo?

It's so frustrating when creative block hits but trust me, you can get through it.

Here's a list of a few things to consider before you go throwing everything out the window!

Social Media

There are certainly pros and cons for using social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram whether it be for business or social use but if used in a mindful way it can definitely be a useful platform.

Be aware of who you're following; if a certain account makes you feel less about yourself in any way shape or form and you find that you're comparing yourself to them, then just simply unfollow. You'll feel a lot lighter when you aren't being hit in the face every day by posts that just aren't helping you.

Get Out

Chuck on your shoes and get outside. If you're able to, go for a walk or even a run if you're feeling brave. Hit the Gym or go for a late night drive. Just get out of your usual space even if just for a few minutes. Simply removing yourself from your normal surroundings or where you usually make/create will help your mind to wonder. You're thinking negatively without even knowing it, when you're constantly telling yourself that you've lost your spark this will just drag you further down.

Think positive and positive things will happen!

Take Care Of You

Take care of yourself. Don't beat yourself up over why you've lost your mojo! This won't help at all. Take a bit of me time, look back at what you've previously made and focus on the positives. Take an hour to yourself and have a bath, do a little exercise, bake some fairy cakes or drink a glass/entire bottle of wine! (I certainly won't judge HA!)

Don't feel guilty for taking back a little time for yourself, it might just be what the Dr ordered!

Create Crap!

Just cut some cords and start knotting! Play with your cords rather than following formality. Knot yourself up into knots and you might even stumble across a new knot. Try different colours and shapes. Just try something new and different, it might be a knotty mess but it might just turn out to be your greatest piece yet!

We've all been there and it might take days, weeks or even months to get back into the swing of things but... the most important thing to remember is that your mojo will come back!

If you have any other suggestions or simply want to chat, leave me a comment or drop me a message.

Claire x

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