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Choosing the right Macrame Rope

Macrame is essentially a group of knots knotted together to create a pattern.

You can use almost anything you can physically knot with but there are a few ropes in particular that are great for the purpose of Macrame.

3ply and Single Twist

You'll find Macrame 'ropes' being referred to as Twines, Strings and Cords among a few other names. For the purpose of this blog post though, I'll refer to all as 'Ropes'.

So... you'll find that there are 4 main ropes floating around claiming to be 'THE BEST' for Macrame. I'll explain the makeup of each rope and give you a few pros and cons for each but honestly, it really doesn't matter which one you choose. It's your project, your design, you'll get to know which one you prefer and want to use and you'll find that some ropes perform better than others for certain knots and patterns. Just remember there is no right or wrong rope for Macrame! Do you think 100 years ago people were logging on to Instagram or Googling

'Which rope do I use for Macrame?' Definitely knot!

(Get it, knot instead of not! Knot funny Claire... Oh She's still going!!)

Single Twist

A single twist rope is exactly what it says on the tin. It's several strands of thin cotton strings all twisted together to make one rope. The more strands, the thicker the rope.

Single Twist Rope

I personally find single twist rope the softest to work with given it's composition.

It's incredibly easy to comb out therefore making it a definite go to if you're looking to make tassels or fringe.

The thicker the single twist rope the easier it is to unravel so it will need just a little twist every now and then, a little tip is to tape the ends whilst your knotting, this will prevent the rope from twisting and loosening.

2 Ply or 3 Ply

Ply basically means 'A strand that is twisted with another strand to make a rope' so 2 Ply rope is essentially 2 strands of rope twisted together and 3 Ply rope is 3 strands twisted together.

3 Ply Rope

You'll see an example of a 3 Ply rope just to the left.

3 Ply rope is quite a strong rope and great for Macrame projects that will need to carry some weight like a hammock or a large plant hanger with a weighty pot.

You can unravel the strands of these ropes and they create a lovely wavy fringe. You can also brush them out but you may find it a little more difficult than a single twist rope.


If you go hunting for braided rope the first images that will pop up on Google will of shiny Nylon washing lines! But if you dig a little deeper you can get your hands on Cotton braided ropes that do have a great texture and look about them.

If you're just starting out though there is nothing wrong with a washing line! They're incredibly cheap but do keep in mind that your hands might burn a little and you won't be able to practice brushing out fringe. I practiced with some old Jute Twine I found in the shed - I definitely wouldn't recommend it!!

And that's a wrap! If you have any questions regarding our Single Twist rope or any other rope for that matter, leave me a comment of drop me an email - hello@whitecollectionmacrame.co.uk

Claire x