I'm Claire, I'm the owner of White Collection Macrame. I live with my husband Alex, my cat Mario, my dog Alfie and my bunny Herbert and I run my little business from my home in Staffordshire. You'll catch me drinking coffee, wearing the baggiest clothing possible and knotting something or other!


How White Collection Macrame started.

I guess it all started with a wedding backdrop.   


I'm an all or nothing kind of person and I made it my mission to create a huge macrame wedding backdrop for my first ever project (Boy did I underestimate that one!). I ran out of cord half way through and couldn't get my hands on the same cord because it was out of stock. The next stockist I found wanted a crazy amount for shipping and I just couldn't for the life of me find the same cord anywhere that could deliver to me in time. I eventually found a half used spool and finished my backdrop. The rope burnt my fingers, it didn't have the right look, it wasn't the right thickness... it was just all kinds of wrong.


I wanted to carry on making macrame hangings but I couldn't find the type of cord that I was after in the UK. I could have it shipped in but I'd have to buy in bulk and spend a fortune on shipping! It was just crazy money. I spoke with a few macrame makers online and found that they also had the same problem. It seemed that coloured, 4mm, single twist cord was quite hard to come by in this country. Not only that but when I did find stockists of this particular cord, they only kept small quantities of stock and so half the time they'd be out of stock and I would have to wait weeks for my order. I'd come up against a problem and I wanted to fix it.


And so here we are! I've definitely found my perfect cord and I'm hoping you'll love it too.


Our British Macrame Cord.

Our British Macrame Cord is made right here in the UK by an independent, family run manufacturer who have been around for over 100 years. This collection of cord is made from the finest cotton to guarantee superb quality. They've recently taken a hit due to Covid-19 like so many other dye houses and factories within the industry so now more than ever it's vital to show support.

Keep your eyes peeled for new collections coming in 2020. 



You'll notice that our packaging isn't too Instagramable. Our boxes are boring to look at, they aren't stuffed with pretty paper or topped off with endless bits of paper or card promoting something or other. They do their job which is to safely transport our spools of cord. Our boxes and packaging material is environmentally friendly and can be fully recycled.  Did you know that roughly, 40% of all commercial trees felled WORLDWIDE are to satisfy the demand for paper? Pretty packaging may look fab for a photo but it's not so fab for the environment.



Postage is annoying! No one likes paying it and we certainly don't like paying over the odds for it. I don't ever make a profit on postage, I actually lose money so that I can pass the savings on to you and offer lower prices! Woohoo!